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Canvs is the fastest and easiest text analytics solution for consumer research.

Quickly uncover consumer insights from open-ended survey responses, customer reviews, social media and other unstructured data to deliver timely, actionable data.

Fast, Automated Analysis

Accurately analyze text at scale from virtually any data source, organizing unstructured text into topics, nets and codes and emotions in seconds.


Beautiful Visualizations

Easy-to-use insights portal gives users the power to filter, explore, pivot and compare findings within their data, along with stunning, customizable data visualizations.


Power & Control

Canvs puts insights professionals in the driver’s seat, providing fine-grain control of code frames and the ability to create, edit and apply rules against their analysis.

Measure emotional sentiment

Deepen insights with a patented 42-emotion sentiment framework that allows you to connect the dots and build narrative around your findings.

Canvs gives market research and insights professionals a powerful platform that can be used across data sources and applications, including:



NPS & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get to the 'why' by finally getting full value from those open ends. Quickly unlock insights with deep, nuanced emotional context and high analytical confidence.


Brand & Product Feedback

Streamline analysis of open-ends in your brand and concept tests and automate coding of unaided awareness, recall and attribute questions. Quickly identify and categorize the sentiment and emotions associated with responses and respondents.


Social Campaigns

Measure the response to social campaigns with the ability to measure and benchmark emotional resonance and identify themes and topics that drive those reactions.


Trusted by some of the world’s leading brands

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Greenbook's bi-annual list of the most innovative companies was determined by thousands of responses from industry peers. Learn how they automated the process with Canvs and saved hundreds of hours of manual labor.

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LRW utilized Canvs to better understand how consumers were feeling while shopping in a variety of stores, and how that influenced buying decisions to help their client, Red Bull, optimize shelf layout and in-store placement to ultimately drive more sales.

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What is text analytics? Emerging technology innovations are now enabling organizations to ap into the power of text analysis quickly and at scale, providing statistically significant insights without the need for hand-coding. Learn how the power of AI accelerates customer insights.

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